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Antwerpen - Antwerp - Anvers

Welcome to Antwerp! Get inspired for a vibrant experience full of fashion, shopping, gastronomy, culture and architecture.

Antwerp is one of those underrated gems of a city. So often travellers head straight to Brussels, Bruges or Ghent on their visits to Belgium, and in reality, they skip over one of the best kept secrets in Western Europe.

Antwerp is a port city with an incredible history. Thanks to its proximity to the water, Antwerp grew throughout the middle ages and became a city of enlightenment. Now you can find an ethnically diverse and vibrant city with a fantastic history.

Antwerp, an underrated gem

Antwerp is the city with the world’s most beautiful restaurant, train station and ZOO.  It's a port city with a rich history dating back to the Middle Ages. The port of Antwerp is one of the largest in the world and the second biggest in Europe.

Antwerp has a lot to offer economically and socially, as well as culturally:

  • Rubens’ town: the painter is forever linked to the city of Antwerp. Discover Rubens’ home and studio, and see his artwork on display in fine museums and in the famous Cathedral of Our Lady.
  • Fashion in Antwerp: thanks to the Fashion Museum (ModeMuseum), the prestigious Royal Academy of Fine Arts and many trendy fashion stores, Antwerp is one of the international capitals of fashion.
  • Antwerp Cut, Antwerp Quality: Antwerp is the most important diamond-trading centre in the world.
  • Maritime Metropolis: the port of Antwerp is Europe’s second biggest port and the world’s second largest petrochemical centre.
  • Gastronomic trendsetter: The people of Antwerp love to eat and drink. The city’s biosphere is defined by many restaurant terraces and culinary events held throughout the city, as well as regional specialities, such as Belgian beer and Belgian chocolate.

Antwerp, so much to discover!