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Flanders Meeting and Convention Centre

FMCC is the only convention centre in the world with its own ZOO. A living historic monument as a part of the venue with a rich legacy and its own award winning science and research centre.

The ZOO's original and protected 19th century architecture provides a peaceful backdrop to events. A place to discover embedded in the middle of historic fabric.

A Room with a ZOO is conveniently located in the heart of Antwerp and is within easy reach by public transport.

Hotels within easy walking distance.

A Room with a ZOO

A Room with a ZOO's location right next to the Antwerp Central Station, the most beautiful station in the world, guarantees easy accessibility. Especially with two airports nearby. The venue is located in the heart of Antwerp, not even a ten minute walk from the historic city centre. 

Because of its unique central location in Europe, Antwerp is the perfect meetcentive destination! Connection times to major cities are short and comfortable.

There is a direct rail connection between Antwerp and Brussels International Airport (+/- 75 airlines and +/- 200 direct destinations) and the train journey only takes 34 minutes. Antwerp has high speed rail connections with Paris, Amsterdam, London and Cologne. The city is also easily reachable by car and coach because of its location on a crossroads of European motorways.

Easy to reach

In November 2016, the brand new Queen Elisabeth Hall opened its doors. The architectural firm Ian Simpson from Manchester designed the complex and unique concept in collaboration with Kirkegaard Associates from Chicago and Bureau Bouwtechniek.

Ian Simpson's team created an inspiring, flexible, powerful and energy friendly building with an exceptional combination of historical and new elements. The building is bright and elegant, a symbol in the city and a source of inspiration for everyone. The Queen Elisabeth Hall thus raises the international profile of the city to a higher level.

The Queen Elisabeth Hall is an exceptional piece of heritage with a rich past. The origins of this hall and of the residence orchestra, The Antwerp Symphony Orchestra, lie with the Royal Society for Zoology of Antwerp. The KMDA (Koninklijke Maatschappij voor Dierkunde Antwerpen) is an association focused on zoology and the conservation of nature. In 1895, the management of the KMDA came up with the idea of organising zoo concerts in Antwerp ZOO. This marked the beginning of the current Queen Elisabeth Hall. There has been a banquet hall on the premises of the Elisabeth Hall since 1897, but (the Belgian) Queen Elisabeth only opened the actual concert hall in 1960. 

Queen Elisabeth Hall